I have been in health + care sector since 2008 - just as ACA was taking shape in US. While Singapore had similar health finance models, ACA really pushed the flywheel on tech, outcomes and value in care delivery and finance.

Over the past 14-15 years, I have worked in care delivery, health & beauty consumer products and IT. I have been a startup founder in hospitals and health consumer products, tech guy and led care administration.

I’ve worked with entities in US, UK and Asia from large IDNs, private clinics to public health departments.

My clients ranged from $20 billion IDN in US to a 82 year old lady in rural India. Both of them had similar demands: value, outcomes and transparency!

Till now, my experience with healthcare did not include being a patient. This changed dramatically about 2 months back when I was diagnosed with a serious condition.

Having been through an agressive radiation therapy and now in chemo, I feel that I am more qualified than many to talk about the intersection of care, people, tech, outcomes and finances.

crossroads is an attempt at that. the content i will post here will not be polished. it will not be final drafts either. my hope is observe, develop and examine strong opinions about health and care. hopefully, these strong opinions will evolve and in some cases even take a u-turn in light new, better evidence.

welcome to the junction!

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